419 Tangerine, BreaWhen selling a home, it’s crucial that home sellers understand the current/existing conditions of the market place. Meaning is it a buyer’s market, seller’s market, or somewhat neutral?

After such a fast pace market in Southern Cal in 2018, here’s a more realistic look at home selling in  more “neutral” marketplace:

On the premise that buyers today are savvy, they’re smart, they have more information on homes than ever before!

  1. Be market ready, i.e. the obvious, de clutter, de personalize…best to hire a professional property stager, for occupied and vacant homes. Something we rarely do, stand across the street, view your home from across the street, take a good look! Remember the value of first impressions, freshen up exterior, get rid of the old door mat.

      2. Professional photos, quantity and quality count! Remember many/most of the buyers have            likely  already viewed you home online the first time…even those coming through OPEN                              HOUSES.  Meaning number of photos, day time, night time (depending on the home/views for                  example and  not just your home, street views, up the street and down (not on trash day)                             association benefits /amenities that are available in the neighborhood. + Local/area amenities,                 parks, schools, etc.3.

3. Unless it’s absolutely necessary the ease of showing/viewing your home vs.                                             obstacles/barriers to prospective buyers can be important.  e. texting agent and waiting for a                       delayed response. For some agents it a control issue.

  1. Again unless absolutely necessary, be ready for viewings within an hour, and get lost, if you’re a stay at home, LEAVE when buyers arrive. Have lights on (yes even during the day) in most if not all room. You’re creating a scene, setting a stage.
  2. Pets, buyers may love your home yet not your pets, take your pets with you. We even encountered a situation where the “friendly” little family pet actually nipped a small child when got a little too close!

6. Use a lockbox (seller controlled if it’s a must, yet leave it out when you depart. Buyers prefer to             view homes without sellers being present. Lastly “remove” valuables from plain sight, i.e.                             jewelry,  coins, etc. Your REALTOR will do his/her best in showing your home, however it’s                       always best to be safe in right from the start!

7.  Pricing, “POSITIONING VS. PRICING is crucial. Knowing/understanding what’s for sale, and           what’s SOLD in your area!  When it comes to evaluating your home’s asking price, don’t be pulled             or sucked into the other potentially over-priced homes,  because if theirs hasn’t sold at that price               they’ve likely tested the market for you.