Chino Hills, CA is very well located in western San Bernardino County.

Next door neighbors include the City of Diamond Bar to the west in Los Angeles County, while Brea and Yorba Linda are contiguous to the south south and east in Orange County. The City of Chino borders on the east.

Well located, it’s a short drive to the Ontario Airport. Access to OC is just south on the 71 freeway. Access to Los Angeles County, via  the 60 freeway west.

Chino Hills is one of those communities that continues to grow the resident population with a fresh new atmosphere. The gentle rolling hills which surround the community are to be appreciated in contrast to suburban sprawl of so many places in the southland. Mixing an unusual blend of residential housing with well planned commercial enterprise, Chino Hills has lots to offer.

As a relatively new city (incorporated in 1991) the upscale city was named one of the top 100 places to live by Money Magazine. The city also receive media attention during the Southern California fire storm in November 2008.

Perhaps surprising to some, Chino Hills as the next door neighbor to “the OC” the city’s  the average household income in exceeds it’s neighboring communities. Chino Hills seems to be the “jewel” of the Inland Empire, with the highest per household income in the county.

The drive through Carbon Canyon (heading to Brea in Orange County) meanders though areas reminding you of the early days of Sleepy Hollow, in some ways it’s like a step-back in time for some of who remember those early days.

Land area 46 square miles.
Population is approximately 77,000.
Average household income $106,000+
Average age is a youthful 37.2

While you can find some rental housing the majority of the city if owner-occupied, a whopping 85% homeownership. Considerably more than found in surrounding communities.

Now if there is one thing you can say about Chino Hills is that there is an abundance of shopping. And if you can’t find it in this city, you probably don’t need it.

One of the newer shopping area includes the Shoppes at Chino Hills at Main Street and Grand Avenue. Streets are lined with upscale shops and eateries. The facility opening in 2008 includes retail shopping, restaurants and office space on the fifty acre site.

A SoCal favorite is P.F. Chang’s China Bistro on the corner of Grand Ave. and Main at the entrance.

Another place is the Cross Roads Marketplace, just south of Route 71 at Peyton. This place is home to Costo (always a busy place to buy gas) and beautiful Lowe’s.