Cerritos, CA is located in South Eastern Los Angeles County, adjacent to Orange County on the East. The city of Cerritos as we know it today was formerly known as Dairy Valley since 1956. Not to be confused with the nearby former Dairyland (later became the City of La Palma in Orange County). Over the years many thought the cities were one in the same, not so.

A little on the city history: The early years of the 1950´s Dairy Valley was home to local hardworking dairy farmers, running the family businesses milking their cows. Driving through the community back then it was common to see the beautiful dairy homes located next door to the dairy barn itself.

The front façade of each dairy proudly displayed the name of each dairy family as the blooming tree roses flanked the curve of the driveway. Many were Dutch families while others were Portuguese. If anyone is old enough to remember the TV program on the 50´s “You Asked For It” one of the local Dutch events was filmed at the Dairyland Fair held at the Artesia Park.

Both cultures combined to make it a unique and wonderful area. As the price of land grew more valuable, most of the dairy farmers moved on to the Chino/Ontario area in Southern California, while others moved north towards Bakersfield after selling their properties to developers.

Today´s Cerritos: With the construction that followed in the early/mid 1960´s the name was later changed to Cerritos after one of the original Spanish land grants, Rancho Los Cerritos. Today the city is known as a vibrant community of well maintained households along with business and commerce.

The Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts and the Sheraton Hotel is located in the north/eastern portion of the city at the Towne Centre just south of the 91 freeway. The area alone contributes an amazing $200,000,000 to the community! As for shopping Los Cerritos Center is located at South Street and the 605 freeway.
The beauty of the city is showcased in many ways. The City Hall located at the facility 183rd and Bloomfield along with the spectacular Cerritos Library. The library it´s self is a work of art.

Creating a great place to work and live, city officials recognized the importance of work and play, Cerritos is home of 28 parks. The Pat Nixon park is a perfect place for seniors. The site is the former home of Mrs. Nixon and remained in the Nixon family who remained in the area for years. Eventually the site was purchased by the city and is now the place for active seniors.

  • Cerritos is in the ABC School District and includes:

    5 Pre-Schools
    17 Public Schools & 9 Private Schools
    18 Elementary
    8 Middle Schools
    8 High Schools

The City of Cerritos today has grown into an exciting city full of energy, a great place to call home.